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Now you can focus on growing your business and feel confident that your HR compliance is your best defense rather than your weakest link!

Even The Biggest HR Challenges Are No Match For HRFix:

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Insufficient Documentation

Inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated personnel records increase your probability of loss should you undergo federal or state agency inspections or investigations…

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Potential Litigation Issues

Harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination lawsuits can be devastating to any business. Safeguard your business by maintaining the most recent updates to compliance laws and benefits regulations.

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Inconsistent Training

The skyrocketing number of lawsuits continues to climb each year and many businesses are unable to keep up with the demands of running a business and fulfilling the training requirements for satisfying HR compliance.

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Outdated Policy Manuals

As your company grows, your policies must adapt to your changing business and keep up with current federal, state, and local requirements to prevent irregularities and reduce overall risk.

Less Data Management, More Peace Of Mind

HRFix offers a proactive and efficient program for compliance with the mandates enforced by national and state agencies. HRFix provides the tools and expertise to bring your company to fully documented compliance and stay current despite new laws, court rulings, new enforcement agendas, or turnover.

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Innovative Features Produce Exceptional Results

Our Human Resources Compliance System has innovative features, advanced technology, and the power to dramatically reduce risk for your business so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business!

HR Training Center

HR Training Center

HR Form Library

HR Document Templates

HR Handbooks

Updated HR Handbooks

Interactive Employee Dashboard

Interactive Employee Dashboard

Electronic Employee File Storage

Electronic Filing

Extensive Management Reporting

Extensive Reporting


We take pride in the customers we serve!

With Human Resource needs, time & accuracy are important. HRFix is VERY responsive to our needs. They’re a great resource.
Jeff Defeher, Western Equipment LLC
It would be impossible for us to stay current and aware of potential risks without HRFix. They also give us the power to update our own processes & forms.
Jayne S Grissom, Grissoms LLC
We have COMPLETE confidence in HRFix, from their personal, 1-to-1 assistance, to the training, policies, and forms they provide.
Jana Raymond, Coufal-Prater Equipment

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